BTR ™ wipes are high-tech technical wipes with enhanced performance. Napkins are produced using the unique technology of hydraulic bonding of 52% cellulose and 48% polyester fibers, density 53 g / m2 and 78 g / m2. BTR ™ wipes are universal and designed for cleaning and preparing surfaces, wiping hands and equipment, and solving complex problems. BTR ™ wipes are widely used in mechanical engineering, automotive, aerospace, nuclear, energy, pharmaceutical and food industries, precision instrumentation and many other industries. Napkins are used as a modern replacement for rags.

BTR ™ decontamination mat is a multi-layer mat designed to prevent scuffing, as well as to clean shoe soles from radiation contamination. Mat is a coating consisting of thirty layers of a special polyethylene film coated with an adhesive composition.