Combined Split Gloves

Combined Split Gloves

Combined gloves, dense mixed fabric of red color with a split, protective gaiters, fleece lining on the palm of the hand, total length 270 mm (+/- 5mm). The cattle split is homogeneous, grade AB (1.4 +/– 0.2 mm), polished, yellow (gold) color, double seams. Gloves are designed to protect hands from SCR, abrasion at low temperatures in all climatic zones, provide high comfort, high abrasion and tear resistance, good protection from cuts and punctures.

  • Specifications

    Base material (lining): Fabric; cotton on the palm and fingers
    Work surface (coating material): split;
    Design: protective cuff, combined split cattle / mixed fabric
    Length: 270 mm
    Size: 10.5, 11.5
    Thickness: 1.4 +/- 0.2 mm
    Manufacturer: China

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