Molded rubber boots are designed to protect the feet from water and aggressive fluids - oils, alkalis, acids.

In various designs:

  • For protection against general industrial pollution
  • Acid - Alkali Resistant
  • Oil-petrol-resistant
  • Heat resistant

Mining Rubber Boots BTR ™ with Protective Cuff

    • Medium boot hight is 390 mm
    • Temperature conditions up to -40 C
    • Sizes from 247 to 307
    • The shaft is equipped with a protective cuff with a lock for protection against dust.
    • The increased internal volume, allowing the use of a warmed inset stocking and insole, as well as the use of a polymer toe cap, while maintaining comfort while wearing.
    • Ribbed amplifiers on the sides and front seam.
    • Shockproof toe cap (15, 25, 200 J).
    • Spur in the heel area for easy removal of boots.
    • Tread sole for the best grip.