It is an additional personal protective equipment worn over the main workwear. Protects the chest, abdomen and forearm of the worker from contamination with radioactive, toxic substances, acids and alkalis of medium concentration during repair, installation, decontamination and other works.

The front part is composed as a whole (one-piece). The bottoms of the sleeves are pulled together by elastic braid. On the back ties. The collar fits tightly around the neck. Made from breathable Tyvek® non-woven polyethylene.

Half-gown HR-500 BTR ™

    • Material: 100% Tyvek® non-woven polyethylene.
    • Density: 41.5 g / m2.
    • White color.
    • Shelf life is 10 years.
    • Sizes:
    • (44-54)