The compact and lightweight mask of the elastic material perfectly adapts to the face and provides full visibility. It does not interfere with the wearing of eye, face and hearing protection.
The large central exhalation valve reduces breathing resistance and minimizes the accumulation of moisture inside the mask. Lightweight, non-slip belts are easily adjustable in four positions and provide reliable fastening even in high humidity.

  • It is completed with replaceable filters.

Elipse A1P3 Respirator

    • Compact, lightweight and flexible half mask adapts perfectly to the face and provides full visibility.
    • The mask body is made of a soft medical thermoplastic elastomer, does not cause allergic reactions. Silicone free.
    • The large central expiratory non-return valve allows breathing resistance to be reduced and moisture accumulation inside the mask to a minimum.
    • Lightweight headband straps are easily adjustable in 4 positions and provide a secure fit.
    • Replaceable filters are made according to the patented HESPA® technology, provide an efficiency of at least 99.95% with a particle size of ≥0.3 μm. Water repellent, do not pick up moisture.
    • Filters are supplied with the mask and can be easily replaced with new ones.

    Sizes: S / M, M / L