Tychem® Gloves Butyl® BT730 Gloves

Tychem BT730 gloves provide the perfect combination of protection and comfort when working with ketones and esters. These gloves have excellent resistance to very aggressive acids. Their light and thin coating creates a “second skin” feel with optimal grip, which is ideal for working in greasy and humid environments.


  • Elastic gloves.
  • Protect hands from aggressive chemicals, including alcohols, esters, ketones.
  • Thin, lightweight gloves with a “second skin” feel.
  • Moisture-proof when working in wet or greasy environments.


Tychem® Gloves Butyl® BT730 Gloves

    • Length: 356 mm,
    • Thickness: 0.36
    • Lining: no
    • Anatomical shape.
    • Coating - Butyl,
    • Black color.

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