Cleansing Paste

Cleansing Paste

Cleansing paste is designed to clean hands, face and other contaminated parts of the body from strong industrial (grease, grease, graphite) and household pollution. Contains polyethylene spherical granules that contribute to soft and effective cleaning without damaging the skin. Castor oil included in the paste prevents peeling of the skin.

Application area

Cleaning paste is used in industry: after work involving the use of oils, greases, grease, soot, graphite, resins, metal dust, and in everyday life.

  • Properties

    • Contains spherical polyethylene granules that contribute to soft, efficient cleaning and removal of stubborn dirt.
    • Does not damage the skin.
    • It does not cause irritation.
    • Castor oil prevents peeling of the skin
    • Easy to rinse with water

    Recommendations for use

    1. After work, evenly apply 3-4 grams of paste to dry, contaminated skin
    2. Thoroughly grind.
    3. Wash off dirt with plenty of water
    4. After cleaning the hands, it is recommended to use a regenerating cream.

    Precautionary measures

    in case of contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

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