Cream-paste cleansing

Cream-paste cleansing

Cleansing cream paste is designed to clean hands and face and other contaminated skin from industrial and household contamination with oils, lubricants, graphite, soot with metal and rubber dust in the absence of water. Does not contain abrasive! Cleansing occurs by trapping contaminants by rolling the resulting film onto the skin surface. The complex of natural fruit acids contained in the cream paste helps exfoliate the stratum corneum of the skin, accelerates the process of renewal of the epithelial cells of the skin, while softening and nourishing.

Application area

Cleansing cream paste is used in industry after work involving the use of oils, greases, grease, soot, graphite, resins, metal dust, earth, as well as in everyday life.

  • Properties

    It contains a complex of alpha-hydroxy acids, which has a beneficial emollient effect on dry and very dry skin, open and cleanse pores, tone up the skin.
    Does not damage the skin !!
    It does not cause irritation, redness, peeling.
    Does not contain such common allergens as perfume and dye.
    Does not require rinsing.

    Recommendations for use

    1. After work, evenly apply 3-4 grams of cream paste to the contaminated skin surface.
    2. Wait for the film to form.
    3. Roll the film with light massaging movements.
    4. The remnants of the product should be removed with a cloth, rags.


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