Welding Spilt Winter gloves

Welding Spilt Winter gloves

Extra strong welding gloves made from split cowhide of top quality, five-fingered, lined with special comfortable faux yellow-gold fur 600 g / m2 , total length 410 mm (+ 10 / -5 mm) and extended cuffs special design, which allows you to refuel the sleeves of winter clothing in gaiters. The special design of the glove allows users with a ha Seams are the original Kevlar thread, reinforced with leather inserts, on the palm of the hand and thumb an extra layer of red spilt leather. The fur is completely sewn around the perimeter, to ensure the highest comfort when using. Welding gloves provide high mechanical protection, protection from elevated temperatures - open flame, sparks and splashes of molten metal, from low temperatures. Recommended for prolonged wear at low temperatures, in all climatic zones, with reasonable restrictions in accordance with the recommendations of the TR TS and EN511-2012 standard - depending on such factors as humidity, wind, load intensity. At temperatures below -40 ° C, prolonged use of gloves is not recommended. Gloves can be used for general work in the absence of liquid contaminants, such as oil, aqueous solutions, etc., for welding, as well as work associated with intense mechanical stress, metal work in the winter, are recommended for prolonged wear. Size 10.5 (up to 12.5).


  • Specifications

    Packing: 48 pairs
    Base material (lining): Fur; yellow / gold 600 g / m2
    Work surface (coating material): Split cowhide of top quality; double
    Design: reinforcement on the palm and finger, seams stitched with Kevlar thread
    Construction: all-split, full lining, fully stitched
    Length: 410 mm (+ 10 / -5 mm)
    Size: 10.5, 12.5
    Thickness: 1.3 +/- 0.2 mm
    Manufacturer: China

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