Protective Helmet STANDART

Protective Helmet STANDART


Protective helmet SOMZ-55 VISION® is used to protect the head of workers from mechanical damage, moisture, splashes of aggressive liquids, sparks and splashes of molten metal, protection against direct electric current up to 1500 V, alternating up to 1000 V.

Red 78214

Green 78715

White 78716

Yellow 78717

Orange 78718

Blue 78719

Black 78720

  • Features of the model:


    • TermotreK® housing;
    • shock absorber Etalon (textile cushioning tapes) is attached to the body at six points;
    • soft headband;
    • textile chin strap;
    • a shortened visor increases the field of view;
    • ventilation openings with movable curtains to adjust ventilation;
    • case weight no more than 223 g ;
    • enlarged area for applying a logo;
    • operating temperature range from -50 ° С to + 50 ° С.
  • Type of headband


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