The protective suit BTR ™ 800R is a unique personal protective equipment developed jointly with leading experts at the industrial sites of Rosatom. This coverall has incorporated many years of experience in the use of PPE, coupled with innovative materials and solutions. Being carried out according to a special project, the jumpsuit meets all the requirements of chemical and radiation safety, and also provides comfort during use.

Coverall BTR ™ 800R is designed to protect against the penetration of radioactive, chemical, mechanical particles, from exposure to liquid chemicals (inorganic acids and alkalis up to 40%).


It has a hood that provides freedom of movement of the head and good visibility, hinges on the sleeves that are worn on the thumb, a window for reading the dosimeter without removing the jumpsuit and without leaving the controlled area.

The seams are stitched and glued with a protective tape. Zipper with a protective self-adhesive valve. Elasticated cuffs at the bottom of trousers and sleeves. And also, an elastic insert at the waist. Socks are sewn into the bottom of the trousers, providing additional protection when spilling liquid chemicals or radioactive substances.

The overalls are made of Tyvek® non-woven material, laminated with a special microporous film that preserves the properties of the material, but endowing it with water-resistant properties. Which in turn allows you to safely work with a wide range of water-based chemicals under pressure.

Protective Coverall BTR ™ 800R


    • Material: 100% Tyvek® non-woven polyethylene.
    • White color.
    • Shelf life is 10 years.
    • Dimensions:
    • SM - 7XL

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