Decontamination mat BTR ™ is a multi-layer mat designed to prevent scattering, as well as to clean shoe soles from radiation contamination. Mat is a coating consisting of thirty layers of a special plastic film coated with an adhesive composition.

The mat is placed at the exit of the "dirty" zone or in front of the radiometric control device. After removing the lower protective layer, the decontamination mat adheres directly to the floor or frame.

The sticky adhesive layer of the mat effectively removes dirt and dust particles from the surface of the shoe when moving from the “dirty” zone to the “clean” one. Mats lose their adhesive ability as they become soiled.
Each layer is designed up to 24 hours of use, depending on the flow of personnel and the area of ​​accommodation. To control the number of remaining layers, each layer is numbered.

Mats have an external protective coating, which ensures the safety of rugs during transportation, storage and placement

Decontamination mats are widely used in all nuclear power plants, mechanical engineering, clean areas of pharmaceutical, biotechnological, electronic industries, and other industries where there is a separation of zones into "dirty" and "clean". Mats are convenient to use and easy to dispose of.

The use of decontamination mats significantly reduces the transfer of pollution, improves the production culture, and facilitates the work of sanitary inspection personnel.

Decontamination Mat BTR ™