Gel-balm after insect bites

Gel-balm reduces itching on the skin after insect bites (mosquitoes, midges, mosquitoes, horseflies) and
minor burns (e.g., from nettle or jellyfish).
Plant extracts (burdock and sea buckthorn) and menthol have a calming effect. Colloid-
silver is a natural antiseptic, a preservative that not only fights pathogens
bacteria, but also nourishes the skin at the cellular level. D-panthenol is anti-inflammatory,
healing and regenerative effect. Relieves itching and irritation. Quickly absorbed
leaves no stains on clothes, does not contain dyes and fragrances. It has a slight daunting
impact on insects.

Plastic tubes 100 ml; canister - 5 l

Gel-balm after insect bites


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