BTR ™ shoe covers made from polymer materials with rubber soles.

Designed for additional protection of the feet of personnel, from the penetration of highly active substances on the surface of the main shoe.

BTR ™ shoe cover is made of thermoformed rubber with high chemical resistance. The top is made of Du Pont ™ Tychem® laminate. Top height 48 - 50 cm.

Designed for use in the nuclear, chemical, automotive industries.

BTR ™ Shoe Covers

  • Top height 48 - 50 cm. Bottom height - 7 cm. Sealed seam. Corrugated outsole provides protection against slipping.

    2 colors for use in areas with varying degrees of contamination and danger, as well as the duration of the work. The ankle straps are glued for a more secure fixation on the foot. Shoe covers can be subjected to repeated decontamination and industrial washing, at least 5 cycles.

    Colors: gray.


    Shoe covers with a polymer top and a high rubber boot:


    · DSO-TYF (Color gray, high degree of pollution)